Take a look at what some of our clients say about us:

“Steve and his team created an environment that allowed me to learn new techniques and take risks to learn them…whether that be through role playing or acting them out in the various exercises.”

“The 5 days was one of the best courses/trainings of my career (26 years). It was very well prepared and executed…we have built a leadership foundation which I hope can be used for other groups within the organisation as well.”

“I learned a lot of things I will definitely use and practise in my business life starting from today on. I wish I had this training years ago, it would have made my business life easier. It will definitely contribute to improving me as a leader as facilitator. Thank you.”

“Very broad learnings, ‘aha effects’, Steve Lewis has a very motivating and inspiring way of presentation with enthusiasm and style that is infectious”

“Very helpful training. It opened my eyes as to where I need to change. Very interesting feedback on how I am perceived as a person – great development opportunities!”

“Snapshot was perfect and perfectly real… many parallels to real business life”

“The exercises showed me in detail what leadership is about and in my point of view will help me to structure my future”

“I never have or possibly will have the chance to do an exercise like Snapshot again – learning impact was fantastic… Good mix of business related exercises (in house) and general leadership exercises (outdoor) – keep that!”

“All of the exercises translated our business life into a game. All had different learnings and influenced our know how positively over time. Operation Snapshot was the highlight combining practical adventure and later review it with scientific learning”

” I enjoyed the training and benefited a lot from the group learning… It will serve to promote mutual understanding and a working relationship.”

“The explanations, examples and the exercises related were very clear and helpful in understanding the different situations. Feedback during the 4 days was an excellent tool for me to challenge myself during the training and for the future.”

“For me it was a very good opportunity to challenge myself during the 4 days, and I enjoyed each exercise a lot. This training helped me to know myself better than before. The facilitator role is a really good role to understand and practice with your colleagues. I’d like to say thank you very much for all your efforts during this training and for your comprehension and open mind with us.”

“Overall, the program was great and I took away more insights then any other courses I’ve attended in the past.”

“I learnt a lot which I can and will apply in my daily work. It was a great opportunity to have 4 complete days for training without being involved in business problems. It was an amazing experience how quickly the group grew together. For sure I will use the expertise and the open feedback from my colleagues to be coached and facilitated.”

“Great and very intense training! Well executed and well thought through.”

“The teamwork model was particularly excellent for me in the context of the entire program. This guidance and education provided me with the framework by which I can provide the what, so what and now what to team formation. The requirements of each phase will assist me in my new role. My next most valuable is the Readiness to Follow. Not a judging tool but one which provides me with an instant recognition of where individuals may be in relation to tasks, projects, and programs. Here again I can see immediate payoff as we pursue transformation to a winning accountable culture.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to participate. It was thought provoking and provided a chance to be introspective.  Thank you. The anticipated concern of receiving negative feedback in front of my superiors was unwarranted.”