The Way We Work

Our approach involves a range of styles and deliveries.

From one-to-one feedback, experential team training, bespoke high performance leadership exercises to a project-based approach, Black Mountain tailor the delivery of our consultancy to the needs of the client. No two clients are the same, so neither are the solutions that we offer.

We like to build close relationships with our clients in order to deliver exactly what they need, this doesn’t mean a selection of templates or ‘off the shelf’ solutions, but bespoke design and delivery.

Some examples of what we have delivered recently include Crisis Management Simulations, Workshop Facilitation, High Performance Leadership, Operation Snapshot, Outdoor Exercises (Booby Trap, Spiders Web, Colour Codes, Split Team, High Flyer, Hitting the Target), the Leader as Facilitator, Project Relief and One-to-One Feedback.

High Performance Technical Training HPL 2 Outdoor Exercises

Hit the Target HPL 1

HPL 2 Snapshot HPL 2 Facilitation

HPL 2 Project Relief